Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zarine Khan Birthday Bash

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hence, Zarine Khan couldn’t gather enough people for her birthday but it seems she doesn’t mindat all.
“I would have never imagined a big bash for my birthday. It would have anyway been a small party with some of my very close pals whom I have been friends with for a long time. Some of them have remained close to me since my high school days,” she says.
So, why couldn’t they make the birthday party happen? “I would have loved to havea small get-together with my close friends but this year it did not happen because most of my close friends had a wedding to attend that day.
Of course a wedding is far, far more important than a birthday party. And on top of that, I don’t think they would have been able to manage to attend both of them,” says Zarine who turned 23.

But that doesn’t mean that she did nothing on that day. “This year, it was only a quiet celebration with my mom and sister. I took them out for dinner and spent some quality time with them. I went and prayed at the Mahim darga where I go and pray every year on my birthday,” she says, adding that she also had some special plans for her Persian cats, Toffee and Snowy.
Ask her what is the best birthday gift that she has ever received, and she blurts out, “It’s a cellphone that I got from my mother when I passed my boards exams. It might sound odd to you now but in those days, that phone used to be a very expensive one and I had always told my mother that I wanted to own one. I jumped with joy when my mother gave that phone to me. I think that is the best birthday gift I ever received because I was so happy that day!”
Though she has still not signed another movie yet, Zarine says that one can expect an announcement very soon. “I have been reading scripts but I haven’t signed another yet. I will be hopefully making an announcement about it very soon.”
So, we hear that a TV project is also on the anvil. Zarine doesn’t deny it.“Maybe yes or a no. But I won’t be able to talk about it till I finally decide on it and sign on something,” she ends.


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